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Prompt Response: Tell us about the ride.

It felt so different from my first flight, when I soared to the very upper limits of Heaven on my shimmering alabaster wings, delighting in my own grace, strength and delicate beauty. That was a climb both dizzying and exhilarating; I sang aloud as I flew ever higher, praising God for all the wondrous traits that He in His wisdom and mercy had granted to me and to my fellow angels.

This gentle bliss that I now speak of, floating on a cloud as silky white as my own flowing, lustrous hair, was a more languorous ride, gliding through the skies as they tinted rose and gold with sunrise. I did not sing this time, but merely opened all my senses to the miracles around me. With the eyes of tender innocence, naked as a newborn and alive with sacred sensuality, I watched Heaven and Earth awaken by the will of God.

Words: 152
Muse: The Archangel Gabriel
Fandom: Bible/Mythology
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