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My First Time - Cross Posted at Omniphase


Tight and painful, and nothing was going where it was supposed to. It hurt. I kept wriggling around, trying to make it stop hurting me. I was all sweaty and uncomfortable. The place was very cheap, because if we went to the expensive places, Mama might find out, or I might see someone I know.

And he was so much older. He didn't understand how uncomfortable and scary it was for me. I felt like a big dum dum.

I knew it would be weird. My mouth was all dry, and I felt so strange when I took off all of my clothes in front of the mirror. But the pain...that was the worst. The first push and lift was awful. I had tears in my eyes. I felt like something might rip or tear. But after a while, moving around, you get used to it. But it hurts later. It hurt a long time and it made me walk around all nervous and funny.

I was afraid that everyone would be able to tell. But no one has. I'll keep on doing it, until it feels good. But it hurts, now.

But, da...the first time Sergei took me for a training bra, it was no fun at all. It's just weird.
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