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New mod checking in

Hey there. Just doing the obligatory new mod "Hello" thing, plus a mention of rules and such.

Firstly, if you have any questions, I can be reached on cryptictac [at] gmail [dot] com. Questions, concerns, worries -- don't hesitate to contact me. Or, if you prefer, you can head on over to my RL/fic journal ticcyyy. Either way is fine. :)

Secondly, RE: the rules. I'm a-changing them, and I'll give my reasons why:
1. The age limit to apply to omni_phase is fourteen (14).
Reason: There are a lot of adult themes covered in what people write in prompts, many around the PG-13 to M15+ mark. I know this is not a RP community and it's nothing discriminatory; it's merely for the aforementioned reason -- purely for the fact that most things covered contain adult themes.

This doesn't apply to members of the community who may already be below the age of fourteen (14).
2. You can have no more than three pups to start with. If, after two months, you have proven to keep all your pups' posting up to date and have answered at least one prompt a month with each pup, then you can apply for subsequent pups.
Reason: This is so that this community doesn't become congested with pups that never respond. If it's seen that any of your pups have not responded to a prompt after a month, you'll receive an email notif to remind you to post. If, after another month, you still haven't posted, then the pup will be removed and if your pup is in demand, it will go to the next person on the list wanting that pup.

This doesn't apply to people who may already have more than three pups.
3. There can be no muse duplicates.
Reason: This is too complicated and confusing. There can only be one of each muse. The less chaos, the better.
Questions or concerns, please email me at the above-mentioned email address.

One more thing, could every member of this community reply to this post and give me your email address? Reply in this format:
Muse 1:

Muse 2:

Muse 3:

(and any subsequent muses you might have)

Email address:
This is so I can contact you if need be. I don't have email addresses of anyone on the community. All comments will be screened.

Thank you for your time. :D
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