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Prompt response: Write about your worst habit & why you can't break it.

My worst habit? In a word, Lucifer. I think of him more often than I would like to admit. And why is thinking about Lucifer a habit that I can’t break? Here’s why.

What we had between us before the Fall was an exquisite connection, a depth of feeling that can only be described as divine…I loved him, yes, but it was not like other loves in that mere mortal words and phrases can’t accurately describe it. It was something made of pure light, something that could only ever transpire between angels. Oh, if only his stupid arrogance, his overweening pride, hadn’t got the better of him! As an archangel, he was glorious. As a beloved one, he is irreplaceable. I adore all of the Heavenly Host, but again and again I picture his face, remember our times together.

Now he’s the Devil, the enemy of the Lord God our Father… but he’s as beautiful as he ever was. I know, because I’ve sometimes run into him on visits to Earth. And it’s hard to turn away from him, so hard…

Yes, he’s definitely a hard habit to break. Impossibly hard.

Words: 191
Muse: The Archangel Gabriel
Fandom: The Bible/Mythology
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