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The Omniphase Writing & RP Group

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Omniphase Writing and RP Group
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The Omni Phase Community started out as a project by students at the University of California. It has developed into something larger.

Omni Phase is now a writer's challenge and development community for persons interested in roleplay, fic writing, screen writing and RPG. Members are encouraged, BUT NOT REQUIRED, to respond to challenges each week. The community will also address topics directly related to writing and RP, and encourage debate and discussion for members.

The rules:

1. Each character can only be represented once, no matter what the medium.

2. To apply for a muse, you must a)email the mod for your fandom and b)click on the join community link. The email must contain this information:
Character's name
Canon or OC?
mun name or nickname
other muses in community

If the pup is an OC, please include the following:
Is the pup affiliated with a fandom? If so, explain what he/she brings to the fandom and to the canon characters.
Tell us about your pup in FIVE sentences.

omni.phase [at] gmail [dot] com is the address for applications.

2. Each mun may have up to five muses. A sixth muse may be allowed if all other muses are up to date and active.

3. Members are required to post, either in RP or in prompt responses, at least once every three weeks. Failure to do so will result in ONE email being sent to the email address that you provided us. If there is no response within 48 hours of that email, the pup will be removed. Announcement posts in your character, personal or the fen community regarding absences are not acceptable notification of extended absence.

4. This community will now have roleplay as an active part of the community. Certain events or topics will be posted by the mods, now and then, to incite a possible roleplay. Feel free to post your own. However, be advised that the standard rules of RP ediquette apply in this community. That means no flaming, godmodding, powergaming, abusing or harassing of other pups or muns. In any dispute, the mods decision is final. All players must recognize the line between IC and OOC, as well as the concept that IC actions result in IC consequences.

5. All posts must be clearly labeled in the subject with what type of post it is. "Challenge Response" , "Discussion", "Roleplay Tag", "Criticism Request", etc...are good types of labels, so that others can tell what you are posting. Please keep discussion, fangirling and other OOC commentary on the Fen community.

6. Treat each other with respect.

7. This community has no limit on it's rating. We ask that adult material be clearly marked, and put behind an LJ cut. All posts over 150 words must have an LJ cut. All spoilers must be behind a cut and labeled.

8. On occasion, there will be community response challenges with awards. Those are voted on by the entire community. Decisions of the mods is final.

9. No spamming of any kind is allowed. All spam will be deleted, and the member will be banned if it occurs again. If you wish to have an affiliate to this community, such as a bar, city group, show group, etc...just email the mods.

10. This community is not affiliated with any other writing group, though it's members may belong to other groups. The privacy of the members is to be respected. No "outing" of muns or muses, or identification of identity, is allowed.