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If I Knew Then...

(quickly typed, in between searching for her missing cubs)

If I knew then what I know now, I never would have left Creed after our marriage. Creed is a two faced, lying, cheating, backstabbing snake. But he has his good points. Great in bed. One of those is that he protects what's his. If Creed and I were together, he would have been Alpha, and no one would have ever stolen his children from him, or from me. I let my selfishness and my impulsive nature steer me away from the wisdom of my father. My father knew that romantic notions had no place in our world. Our need to survive, as a pack, is bigger than our need to be "free". Freedom is an illusion. Freedom has meant loneliness, starvation and misery. Now my children are out there in cages, taken by a crazy man, and I have no one to help me find them. Creed doesn't even know that they exist.

I will find them. And when I do, I'm going back to Wolf Lake, to raise them with our own kind. But first I have to find them.

Ruby Cates Creed
Wolf Lake
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