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Omniphase Challenge #36

Prompt topic -- Write about the best day you've ever had.

Challenge responses are suggested at, but not limited to, 150-250 words.

Mod note:
Apologies for the delay. As of next week, prompts will be posted every Friday.

I've categorised all previous prompt topics in the community's memories, which will be updated each week with each subsequent prompt topic.

I've also gone through the community and had a look at who has been active in the last month, and who hasn't. I'll be posting out emails regarding people's interest to keep their pup in omni_phase or not, depending on if I have your email address or not. This is just in attempt to keep things active and moving. If I don't have your email address, I'll leave a small, discreet note at your pup's journal requesting it. :)

And just for reference, the new omni_phase email address is omni.phase [at] gmail [dot] com. Direct all questions, concerns and suggestions to this email address.
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