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Prompt Response: If I knew then what I know now...

If I knew then what I knew now… I believe I would not have done anything differently. I am an angel, after all – my nature is to praise God and to do His bidding, but also to love with celestial purity. And even though I could almost sense the arrogance and pride growing in the most exalted of the archangels whom I had given my heart to, my shimmering Lucifer, I could not cease loving him. Even when his radiance became tainted with the beginnings of his future evil, I was still his beloved. Many of Heaven’s denizens believed that I would fall with he who was once the Lightbearer, but I could not forsake my Creator even for that bright, exquisite being who was the first to kiss me and to bestow tender caresses on my pale flesh and snow white wings.

Yes, if I had known that Lucifer carried the seeds of rebellion within him from the beginning, I would have still given him my love, for who could resist his beauty and his strength? Yet I would have still remained loyal to my Lord, for there are always some affections that shine more gloriously than others.

Words: 199
Muse: The Archangel Gabriel
Fandom: The Bible/Mythology
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