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Prompt Response: When have you been most alone?

When have I been most alone? To answer your question quite honestly, I really haven’t known what it is to be truly lonely at all. As an archangel, I am always within the Lord’s grace, so I can never be totally alone. And of course, Heaven is so full of angels, so there’s always company there if I want it. And the nature of what I do – my divine work, my celestial calling – doesn’t exactly make for lonely days and nights. I’m all about communication, interacting with others, in my role as the Messenger of God.

I suppose I did feel a certain sense of aloneness, or abandonment, when Lucifer rebelled against God and was cast down to Hell. I miss him, deeply. I miss what we had. No other angel can be to me what he was, though I do have so many loving connections with other members of the Heavenly Host and I do feel much affection and gratitude towards them. But an angel is never really, completely alone.

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Muse: The Archangel Gabriel
Fandom: The Bible/Mythology
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